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Temple De Debod

Temple de Debod is located in Madrid, Spain. The temple was donated to the spanish in the 1968 as gesture of thanks for their help in moving Abu Simbel. The monument was then rebuilt by the Spanish and opened to the public in 1972.

debod templededebod


The construction of the temple started in 2 BC by Adikhalamani, who constructed a chapel which was dedicated to the gods Isis and Amon. As time went on different kings completed the construction of the temple. It is not known, but probable that Hadrian emperor of Rome from 117 to 138 AD completed its construction.





Inside the temple as you walk around you will see translations of some of relief's, in spanish and in english. Take your time in reading them, they are very interesting. Below is an excellent scaled model of the Temple de Debod, of how it may have looked like in its glory days. There are other scaled models, but unfortunately it was to dark to take photographs and no flash photography is allowed inside.





Above right a youtube video on the Temple de Debod.


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