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Thank you for visiting and taking time to read this page. As a child i had always been fascinated by ancient Egypt. From pyramids, mummies to hieroglyphs. It was in 2000 i took my first trip down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan and then on to Abu Simbel. It was amazing. I quickly used up 13 roles of film and when i came back, I decided to put together a website on my egyptian holiday. I just had to tell the world about this great place!

I liked it so much, that the following year i went back, with website in mind, and took some more pictures. The website has slowly developed and enjoys visits from schools, colleges and individuals around the world.

Egyptianholiday will be developed over time. I have photographs of egyptian antiquties from my trip to Madrid and Glasgow to add. I also plan to visit museums in Lisbon and Budapest, to give you, the visitor, a virtual tour of egyptian antiquites from around the world. Please bookmark the site for future reference.

Thank you for visiting the site, and i do hope the photographs touch you, in the way they have touched me.